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Since 2007, new restaurant La Falua ("The Barge") managed to prove, as one of the best modern restaurants of the coast, standing in vanguard of a culinary fashion and style; specializing both in the Mediterranean kitchen, and on the international. The restaurant administration constantly improves service and expands the card of the menu aspiring to satisfy requirements of the most refined gourmets and esthetes.

Administration of La Falua restaurant and the chef Maria Theresa Karrasko invite you to open the world in new tastes and feelings. You can choose from the most innovative and fashionable culinary creations to traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine. And also, you can "blow up" your imagination ordering a dish according to your own recipe, considering quality and a variety of our products.

In the conclusion we only need to invite you in travel to the world of our refined cuisine.

Yours faithfully,


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