La Falua - Pub en Benidorm

Falua Lounge Cafe by Moet & Chandon

The Falua Lounge Cafe by Moet & Chandon "The Barge" in the quiet, coastal area offers the wide range of cocktails and refined alcohol drinks, including the best Spanish wines.

You can sit down behind a little table in a chimney hall with pleasant music or on a light, solar verandah where in a cool season it is established heaters for convenience of visitors

If you prefer an easy dinner, or decided to have a bite a little in the pleasant atmosphere, we can offer you some small canapes with foie gras, the French cheese or hot snack-krokety. Our chef is ready to prepare any dish according to your recipe.

In a bar menu you can also have a half of a portion if you wish. We respect whims of our clients, so we open at 16:00 to 04:00 o'clock in the morning (to the last visitor). We aspire, that our bar used not smaller popularity, as the restaurant, and became the fashionable, favourite vacation spot.

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Open every day of the year
Gastronómica 2012-2013
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